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Quick Q&A: Rocci Wohlk, Forest Lake Nordic skiing

02/01/2014, 7:11pm CST
By Star Tribune

Wohlk, the third-ranked Nordic skier in the state, finished third at the 2012 state meet.



Wohlk, the third-ranked Nordic skier in the state, finished third at the 2012 state meet. She’s trying to reclaim her place among the state’s best after a disappointing 20th-place finish last season. Wohlk trains with the Nordicwerks SkiKlubb, led by Forest Lake coach Deno Johnson. She also has experience with the U.S. junior national team.


How do your teammates describe you? I am a captain, so I feel I’m a good leader and the girls really look up to me. Basically, a girl every day comes up to me and asks a question. And I can drive now, so I drive them all over the place.


How do you balance skiing and school? I try to do it on the bus. I work with my teachers a lot, so if I know I’m going to be gone, I talk to them, and they’re really nice. I learn how to balance it.


How do you like your classes? I like science and math classes the most. I want to be a pediatric nurse when I grow up.


What have you learned from being on the junior national team? Just staying positive and having fun with all the girls. The junior national team is very supportive and nice.


How does being ranked third affect you? I just go off every race with a positive attitude and don’t worry about the rankings.


Short- and long-term goals in skiing? I would like to be top 10 at state and just do good in all my races and stay positive. For later, I’d like to ski in college.


Any idea which college? I’m kind of all over the place right now. I’ve contacted a lot of the schools with nursing programs.


What do you like to do besides skiing? I do triathlons in the summer for fun. And we have a cabin, and I like to go there a lot with my family in the summer. We just bought a new Jet Ski, so I like to Jet Ski a lot.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Just to stay positive and race hard — my dad’s.



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